The Red Vineyard
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Do you know the price of Art which gave a push to great number of modern art movement? If you don’t, read this article! Vincent van Gogh was one of the most gifted and extraordinary artists! All over the world people know his name, artwork and great contribution into art craft. He managed to sell only one his masterpiece while he was alive.

His well known Artwork  The Red Vineyards near Arles  is an oil painting, executed on a privately primed Toile de 30 piece of burlap in early November 1888. It supposedly is the only piece sold by the artist while he was alive.

The Red Vineyard was exhibited for the first time at the annual exhibition of Les XX, 1890 in Brussels, and sold for 400 Francs (equal to about $1,000-1,050 today) to Anna Boch,an impressionist painter, member of Les XX and art collector from Belgium; Anna was the sister of Eugène Boch, another impressionist painter and a friend of Van Gogh, too, who had painted Boch's portrait (Le Peintre aux Étoiles) in Arles, in autumn 1888.

Like The Night Café, it was acquired by the famous Russian collector 

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